What is RAHA

• RAHA is Platform as a Service (PaaS) Safety & Security Video Analysis System.

• RAHA consists of two parts: Raha Hardware (Processor & Documentation Storage) and Raha Panel (User Interface).

• Raha connects to currently available cameras on the customer side and processes raw video streams into detailed extracted information.

Know more about RAHA

Why choosing Raha

Safety detection

Security detection

RAHA Safety Scenarios

• RAHA Detects Personnel Safety Equipment (helmet, mask, vest, etc.) finds individuals without complete protection, and sends an alarm to warn the observer or supervisor.

• RAHA can send an alarm whenever a vehicle or person enters the location After defining an unsafe zone.

• RAHA could detect fire and smoke early than old-school sensors via cameras and it can prove and lower its false alarms by providing recorded video of the event.

• RAHA could warn personnel who are dangerously close to heavy vehicles.

• RAHA could analyze actions and recognize the vehicle or human accidents and send real-time warnings.

RAHA Security Scenario

• RAHA detects a person’s face and checks its permission for that specific location.

• RAHA detects human crowd and could send an alarm after the crowd number exceed thresholds.

• RAHA can detect any kind of abnormal behavior including fights.

• RAHA can avoid the Trespassing of a vehicle or person from the entrance gates or elsewhere.

RAHA Packages

202088Supported number of cameras
✔️✔️✔️✔️Safety Features
✔️✔️✔️✔️Security Features
(excluding Human face detection)
✔️✔️Human face detection
✔️✔️Personnel Access control
RAHA is fully scalable to more cameras by multiplying to 8 or 20 units*